Dear Friends and Supporters

Dear Friends and Supporters,
Military recruiters are having no trouble these days signing up new recruits to meet their enlistment quotas. Because of the lousy economy and the shortage of decent jobs, some recruiting stations actually maintain waiting lists. It is especially important, in these times, to counter militarism and warmongering with a message of peace and viable alternatives to military enlistment.
The Military & Draft Counseling Project has been busy this year implementing Portland Public School’s new equal access policy. Recruiters from all branches of the Armed Forces are now limited to no more than three school visits per year and are, for the most part, meeting with students by appointment only. And counter-recruiting activists are being granted equal time to respond to the military’s sales pitch and to discuss the realities of war and combat. Of equal importance, we are presenting students with timely information about non-military careers and education / training opportunities, including “green jobs” and volunteer programs.
Equal Access is working for the benefit of students, and many school counselors seem to be genuinely relieved that pushy military recruiters now spend far less time on PPS school campuses. Our job is to take full advantage of the new policy by making sure that we have prepared volunteers available for equal access visits, along with printed materials that are accurate, convincing, and appealing to high school students.
If you wish to contribute to our success: (1) consider volunteering for equal access visits to local high schools, or (2) make a financial contribution to support this important work. This is the only funding appeal that you will receive from us in 2013, so please make it count.
Make your checks payable to the Military & Draft Counseling Project and send to 2000 NE 42nd Ave., Suite 224, Portland, Oregon 97213. $100____ $75____ $50_____ $25____ Other____.
We will do our best to put your contribution to good use—advocating for local students and spreading the message that militarism and war only lead us to a dead end.
In peace,
John Grueschow, Coordinator
“Get involved. The world is run by those of us who show up.”