Portland School Board Unanimously Passes Equal Access Resolution

The Portland public school board passed an Equal Access resolution tonight (10/24/2011) with a unanimous vote.  The resolution will allow counter miltary recruiters to be present at school sponsored events any time miltary recruiters are present.   This is a significant victory for the War Resisters League and other Portland activists who have worked towards this goal for many years.  There was a solid show of support in the room with many people holding small signs reading "Equal Access" throughout the meeting.  While there was some testimony opposing the resolution, the school board members ultimately proved supportive of providing students with a balanced perspective on the realities of the military.  

Now that the resolution has passed and counter-recruitment groups have equal access to students, the real work of organizing people to be present at recruiting events begins.  We will be in need of volunteers to , so if you would like to be involved, please contact us.  We are especially interested in having veterans talk to students as their perspective on the realities of the miltary provides a powerful balance to the message of military recruiters. Thank you.