Help with student outreach in local high schools

We conduct a variety of outreach efforts to local students to help educate them about the realities of the military and to provide alternatives to military enlistment.  Below are some of the activities that you can get involved in to help with these outreach efforts.  To get involved please contact us.

  • Under the No Child Left Behind Act, schools are required to provide contact information for all students to military recruiters.  There is an "opt-out" provision, but many students and their parents are unaware that schools are required to give this information to recruiters and that there is an opt-out provision.  Join us in August and September to educate local high school students about their right to “opt out” of this release of student contact information to military recruiters.  (Organized by Recruiter Watch PDX)
  • Help with distributing fliers to students in front of local high schools throughout the school year.  The fliers offer contact information and a progressive message about military recruiting/enlistment, military spending or the casualties of militarism & war.
  • Help coordinate the regular placing of ads in high school student newspapers.
  • Portland public schools have an "Equal Access" policy that allows for counter-recruiters to be present at any school sponsored event where military recruiters are present.  We need volunteers to help out with these events.  We are especially interested in having veterans volunteer to talk to students about the realities of military life as they provide a powerful alternative to the view presented by the recruiters.