The Oregon Community for War Tax Resistance

OCWTR provides a community of support for persons conscientiously refusing to pay for war.  The choice to resist payment of personal income taxes spent on militarism and war requires a serious commitment and may entail personal risk.  One person standing alone against the federal government can engender feelings of moral justification – and also isolation, powerlessness and fear.  By joining together, we can make a powerful statement against militarism and war as well as providing a supportive community and a safe haven. By redirecting our taxes from military priorities to socially responsible endeavors, we find personal empowerment.  Our purpose is to share this sense of empowerment with an ever-expanding community.

Activities of OCWTR:

  • Redirection of tax dollars to life-affirming community projects
  • War tax resistance counseling
  • War tax resistance literature and resources
  • Speakers, teach-ins and monthly workshops
  • Public protest of military spending priorities
  • Networking with other peace & justice groups

Methods of war tax refusal: What can we do to keep our tax dollars from continually being used to finance war and weapons development?

  • Rearrange our lives so as not to owe income tax
  • Refuse to pay the 3% federal excise tax on the phone bill, historically used to finance war
  • Refuse to pay all or part of our income tax
  • Work for passage of the World Peace Tax Fund bill, providing an option for directing our tax dollars to peace, not war
  • Support others who are actively resisting war taxes – by joining OCWTR.

“Let them march all they want as long as they continue to pay their taxes.”  -Alexander Haig (during the Vietnam War)

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War Tax Resistance Resources:

National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee (NWTRCC)
718-768-3420 or 800-269-7464

National Priorities Project

Conscience and Peace Tax International