US Military: Stop recruiting minors for warfare

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It is common practice for the US military to actively recruit minors for enlistment.

Military recruiters are a common sight in our high schools, and they often make unwanted contact with our young people via phone calls and social media, trying ultimately to woo these kids into a combat zone. Indeed, the recruitment services have a large marketing budget at their disposal, much of which is targeting our kids. This activity has been going on for years, but why on earth is it allowed?

It shouldn't be.

As a society, we have determined that minors aren't yet ready to drink, to smoke, to vote, to get married, and so on, but yet it is deemed to be okay to try to hard-sell them into an eight-year limited-rights binding contract where they could be killed or be forced to kill? This is simply and clearly wrong. It needs to stop.

We call upon our elected representatives and the US military to put an end to this unnecessary and shameful practice. We call upon them to ban all recruitment of and marketing to minors for military service.

$1 Trillion For Defense

The American Conservative

Chris Hellman and Mattea Kramer

May 22, 2012

VISIBILITY ACTION: Tuesday, March 20, Casualties of Iraq Nine Years Later: U.S. Out!


Tuesday, March 20


Visibility  action on the ninth anniversary of the invasion of Iraq

3:30 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.

S.W. Yamhill and Broadway in downtown Portland


Even with American Troops gone, 16,000 U.S. personnel (including 8,000 "contractors" and 700 "military advisors") remain in the largest embassy in the world (the size of the Vatican).



3 PM - 6 PM Sunday, February 12, 2012

Begins at the corner of SW Salmon St and SW Park Ave, Portland OR

A Victory for Peace Advocates And A Call For Funds

A victory for peace advocates and Portland students!   At its October 24th board meeting, the Portland School Board voted unanimously to allow “equal access” in Portland high schools for counter-recruitment activists and other advocates for peace.  The equal access resolution was placed on the board’s agenda and pushed forward by school board co-chair Martin Gonzalez.  This resolution is the result of at least five years of lobbying school board members at board meetings, election forums and coffee shops.

The Equal Access Committee is now working to implement the new policy at each of Portland’s nine high schools, giving particular attention to those schools in poor neighborhoods where disadvantaged students are targeted and hounded by military recruiters.  We need to order counter-recruitment pamphlets and brochures, buttons and stickers for school visits and career fairs.  We also must cover the costs of locally produced literature, information packets about non-military post-high school opportunities, and student newspaper ads.

We are currently submitting a grant request for $1,000 to cover some of these costs but expect to receive only about half that amount at best.  In recent years, we have had to count more heavily on the generosity of our friends and supporters since grant funding for grassroots political organizing has become increasingly difficult to obtain.

We ask for financial support only when we really need it to keep this important work going.  The Military & Draft Counseling Project is an all-volunteer organization, and some of our projects (speaking in high school classrooms and lobbying the school board for better policy) cost nothing beyond the time and energy of our volunteers.  We are confident that enough of you will lend your support and encouragement, as in past years, so that we can continue to advocate for students and educate them about the realities of military enlistment and the true costs of war.

Please do what you can:     $100____     $75____    $50____     Other____.

Make your checks payable to the Military & Draft Counseling Project and send to 2000 NE 42nd Ave., Suite 224, Portland, Oregon 97213.   Together we can make a real and substantial difference in the fight against militarism and corporate exploitation and inspire the next generation to carry our banner forward.

Drop the "Aiding the Enemy" Charges Against Pfc. Manning

Call the Department of Defense: (703) 571-3343

A veteran reflects on the end of the Iraq War

The end of the Iraq War, & what it means to me

By Casey Elder, December 15 2011, originally posted at Face the Fin


I find myself a little dumb stuck thinking about the fact that the Iraq war, my war, is over.  Granted, I'm glad.  I think we should have been out of there years ago.  But on some level, I thought it would never end during my lifetime.  And now, it's done.  With no media blitz, just a quiet folding of the flag. 
It's been 9 years, 4,474 American lives, and countless Iraqi civilians.  Not to forget those wounded, both physically and emotionally.  We've paid a huge price... and for what?  I don't really want to debate the politics of it.  I have my opinion, as sure as you have yours, and that's not what this post is about. 
I was called to active duty in March 2003 (the very beginning of it all), arrived in Kuwait in May and then onto Iraq.  I spent a year of my life in that country.  And have thought of it every day since.  I have struggled to overcome the devastating affects on PTSD on my life and my family.  I have had surgery to try to fix the physical wounds.  Everyday I am reminded in some way of the time I spent in Baghdad.
As I sit at the keyboard, trying to make sense of what I am feeling today, I realize that most of all, I don't want to be forgotten.  I don't want my brothers and sisters to be lost.  We, as a nation that chose this path, must continue to care for those that have fought for us. 
I don't want my war to be forgotten.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Talk to kids about the realities of the military

As you may know, the Portland school board passed a resolution earlier in the year to grant "equal access" to counter military recruiters in public schools.  This policy is due to take effect at the end of January 2012 and as such we are working on our strategy to put counter recruiters into schools.  We need people who are available during the day time hours who would be interested in talking to kids in schools about alternatives to military enlistment.  While everyone is welcome, we are particularly interested in hearing from veterans as their perspective is very powerful in countering the message of military recruiters.  If you would like to get involved, please contact us.


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